Gap Year - Volunteer - South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria Eva Canteen
Sept. - Dec. 2011 


Kitchen Assistant

Monday to Friday I assisted everyday with the kitchen's and dinning area's maintenance before and after meal times.
Stack out chairs and tables, wipe, clean for the homeless, share out their meals as they entered, and cleaned up after them.
I assisted in kitchen tasks such as chopping, peeling vegetables etc. 

Itchimbia Park & Kindergarden School

I cared for the Ecuadorian children in Kindergardens as a well as aiding the teaching in educational Lessons. I contributed to the sustainability and maintenance of the Ecological Park Itchimbia by digging and planting endemic plants only found in Ecuador. Weeding the weeds keeping the gardens neat and tidy.

I also took on indigenous Quichua language classes.

La Hacienda Tranquila - Community/Environmental/Social Project

We lived in a ranch called 'La Hacienda Tranquila' - a socio-enviornmental sustainable and educational organization.

We collaborated in the reforestation and conservation of endemic plants and trees.
We contributed and learnt from organic farming, the cultivation and caring process of fresh vegetables and fruits, for local produce, to minimize mixed species through importation.
We worked with children with special needs through Hippotherapy, encouraging the childs physical and emotional expression.

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

Ecuador Jan-March 2012
     - Quito -





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I lived amongst the Tsachilas Tribe in the Santo Domingo Rainforest, aiding in the constructing of green houses for the production of vegetables for the purpose of feeding the locals in such isolated areas.

Everyday, as a team, we built from scratch green houses made mainly of sugar canes as the pillars.

We would also fill small plastic tubular-bags with compost for the plantation of the seeds.
We exchanged cultural customs and participated in the daily chores such as, fishing, cooking, sowing, jewelry-making. etc.​

- Santo Domingo -


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